Panoramas are the ultimate truth and also the exquisite lie. They represent what it was like to be in a certain place, in a moment in time. In that way, they are truthful to what I saw, including the lighting and weather conditions. The lie becomes apparent as you see a complete 360 degree image in one, long, linear image. Buildings appear to bow and a road or path will appear in two locations (in front of me and behind me) simultaneuosly. They are endlessly fascinating. I've become addicted to making them everywhere I travel.

Each panorama featured on this site is made from approximately 50 to 120 photos. They are constructed by hand in Photoshop, without the aid of any "stitching" program. The printed versions are large, measuring from 3 feet to over 6 feet wide. Many of the images are a complete 360 degree look at that location. Most of the images were made without the benefit of a tripod. A chapter devoted to panoramas and their construction is in my book, Digital Collage and Painting, from Focal Press.