Sue Bloom - Digital Collage and Digital Painting

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Alaska, Alaska, Assisi, Italy, Maine woods, Maine woods, Brugge, Belgium, Netherlands, Tulip Field, Netherlands, Alaska, Assisi, Italy, Venice, Italy, Venice, Italy, Constantine's Gate, Rome, Italy, Marshall's Point Light House, Maine, Monhegan School, Maine, Central Park, NYC, Central Park, NYC, Central Park, NYC, Venice, Italy, German Swan, Wachau Valley, Germany & Austria, Netherlands, Netherlands, Alaska, New Hampshire Morning, Brugge, Belgium, Central Park, NYC, Verona, Italy, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Lobsterman's Cottage, Port Clyde, Maine, Monhegan Museum, Maine, Monhegan Island, Maine, New Harbor, Maine, Port Clyde, Maine, Netherlands, Schonnbrun Palace, Vienna, Austria, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Venice, Italy, Netherlands.