Sue Bloom - Digital Collage and Digital Painting

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Peonies, Mixed Bouquet, Sunday Ride, Pears, Cape May Wedding Embrace, Waiting in Venice, Venice Oil, Sledders, Scottish Pastures, Memories of Toledo, Parasols, Les Bastides de Jordan, France, Wedding Bouquet, Hayroll, Lavender Fields, France, Autumn Vista, Scott, Waiting, Civil War Re-enactor, Faux Priest, Arles Lane, Dunure Dock, Scotland, Roman Piper, Roman Cafe Table, President's House - McDaniel College, Irish Sheep Grazing, Van Gogh's Sunflower Field, Arles, Shriver's Hill, Arran Island Cottage, Scotland, Venice Gondoliers, Waterlily, Alaskan Vista, Capri Lane, Italy, Camellia, Dutch Lane, Garden Bridge, Iceland, Amsterdam Canal, Pemaquid, Scotland, Sicilian Market Stall, Sicilian Windmill, Sicilian hillside town, Venice, Venice, Vinalhaven, Maine.